October 8th, 2007

Chad and Anton were seasoned cruisers

Chad didnt have much going for him in the looks department so he generally goes out and just dangles his large bits, a tea-room fishing expedition, and just waits to reel them in.
Anton takes the oversexed latin approach and is very forward and starts complimenting and groping, especially after he noticed the dangling bit protuding quite noticeably.

Trading phone numbers was nothing unusual, nor was the speed at which the negotiations were transpiring between plumes of my tobacco smoke, not to a seasoned veteran of southern decadence like me, and not to these professional players.

But I nearly cried into my cigarette with laughter when Anton pulls up his camera and photographs Chad to go with the phone book entry. His bewildered naivete at my loss of composure was apparent so he explained he has to do that because people call and speak to him as if they're unforgettable and he should remember. Anton may not be bright, but he has even larger dangly bits and all the right moves.