March 16th, 2008

A Hot tranny mess

TV with MeeVee: Christian Siriano Succeeds In Normalizing "Tranny" As An Insult:
Christian Siriano Succeeds In Normalizing "Tranny" As An Insult

Just a few weeks ago, I noted that Christian Siriano, the femmiest of the gay designers on "Project Runway," was pretty hypocritical to use "tranny" as an insult. And while it's his choice if he wants to try and be clever and outrageous, it's still really annoying to me.

Hrm. When I heard him say tranny I didnt care if it was a transvestite or a transexual. I just thought it was funny. I knew the transgenders would eventually get mad. But as far as commenters go, it seems that tranny as transvestite was the assumption.

Oh well. I don't think most people would consider tranny an insult anyway. Heteronormatives would just assume either form of trannie is fag anyway.

This is the original article that linked me to the above