April 7th, 2008

We Camus, we saw, we got over it.

  • I started my first Camus reading with Exiles and the Kingdom. I must say I'm underwhelmed. I decided to start reading like, book 9 of the Dresden Files, White Night, by Jim Butcher. Since I have watched the tv series, I figured it wouldnt hurt none. It hasn't.
  • In case you havent seen pup's spam on LJ, Stockholm Syndrome is this thursday night at elysium. be there or be ghey. Swedish Pop.
  • Someone asked me why I am single. Because I am hot he says. He asked if I wanted to have sex with him and said he wanted me to be his boyfriend. I said no. What am I supposed to do with like 9 inches of Brazil?
  • In case you missed it, falling off the wagon was an april fool's joke. a lot of people asked when i was going to go drinking with them instead of voicing concern =]

QR Codes and Pet Shop Boys' Integral Video

I kept coming across something called QR Codes and was banging my head because I just didnt understand them. How were they different from regular bar codes. (48% of mobile phone users in Japan already use these).

"QR Codes are barcodes that contain digital information such as URLS that can be read by camera phones. "
This is my QR code for my Profilactic Mashup rss link. (Profilactic allows me to mash my digg,twitter,netflix,livejournal, flickr, and any RSS into one feed you can read in your RSS aggregator)


The little blocks on the corners help the software lock on. This one will create an SMS message with an embedded phone number and if you press send, sms me that i'm a dirty whore.


I used the QR code generator at http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ and the software from i-nigma that you can download to lots of windows phones and seems to be particularly supported by Nokia.

In my research I found out that Pet Shop Boys embeds QR codes in their Integral Video and have even included a PDF on their website so you can remix your own QR code video and then upload to a youtube group. Those PSB are always on the bleeding edges of technology and music. All of the links are subversive in the video. Links to Biometric data collected by the UK govt, blacklisted news sites, statewatch, bbc politics, etc.

Why is this useful? Well you dont have to tap in long urls with them. You could use them for bridal registries. You could email them to friends so they dont have to key in all your contact info. The possibilities are many, I guess. It's basically a scanner software on your camera phone to read em

This final one is my contact info. It will send you an sms and ask you if you want to add to contacts =]
I used the i-nigma one for this one cuz the kaywa one didnt do the contact info one properly.