April 30th, 2008

I'll fly with you

  • so yeah. jeb's gone. the family wants a private funeral. in life the gays can't marry who they want to, so i guess in death they can't have the friends they want to either. can't have the gays runnin around tellin the truth about why your son is dead, right?
  • I thought I was depressed but I'm thinking now after naps and drixoral that I just had killer allergies.
  • I'm on book 5 of the Dresden Files. It's like magick crack.
  • I can tell i'm back to my usual self cuz I started hating people again and laughing about it =]
  • Crabtree has guilted me into participating in the International AIDS candlelight memorial vigil in light of current events. "You see Felipe. THIS is why we do it!" I get so angry at people who make stupid sexual choices but when you're sick and/or dying I don't guess your anger and judgment is what your friends really need. Guess that means I'll start doing hiv benefits again
  • Doug's House (project transitions) cared for him at the end so if anyone ever needs a charity to donate to, they could use a buck. Sometimes even soap, toothpaste, toilet paper even. Check their wishlist
  • This all sounds morose but really it's not. Getting on with it is always life affirming. I'm remembering the good times and telling myself I should live life fully because not everyone gets a chance to. Jeb and I used to just go crazy when this song came out. It came out around the time I started dj'ing and around the time I met him. It's the first song I always play when I get in the car for long distance travel. It makes my spirit soar even now