July 2nd, 2008

Ping.fm rundown

For people who are wondering wtf I am doing with ping.fm, it lets you post status changes to facebook, twitter, pownce, etc. or "microblog" to same similar sources which as far as i'm concerned is the same thing, or if you have blog sources set up, you can set it to blog for you.

edit: oops. dont hit return like you would in a real post or it will send if you have "send on return" set in your adium client lol.

I set up custom triggers like #tweets for status/microblog and #blog for updating to my LJ. That's as far as I've messed with it so far, aside from posting via website and posting via AIM network. Too bad there is no desktop client for it but I suppose an AIM client will do, especially now that I have AIM for my Tilt phone. I can always email to it too.

"Tropic Thunder" To Market Real Version Of Booty Sweat

Los Angeles, CA (CNS) - "Tropic Thunder" wants America to taste Booty Sweat. Paramount Pictures has announced plans to release a real version of the energy drink that appears in the upcoming comedy film.
"Tropic Thunder" To Market Real Version Of Booty Sweat | AHN | July 2, 2008

Wow. This opens a whole new arena for lame pickup lines.

While I'm on the topic. HBO is marketing a drink for goths to promote its tv show True Blood as well.
It's a show about where mere mortals and kindred live together in a dinky lil town.


fyi sauce == source in the wtf_inc community

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CBC Says No To Menthol / Stereohyped

The omission of menthol-flavored cigarettes from a House bill to ban flavored cigarettes and its possible racial implications have been the buzz among public health and political circles for a while, but the Congressional Black Caucus is now demanding that the bill be revised to include a ban of menthol cigarettes, which are smoked disproportionately by blacks
CBC Says No To Menthol / Stereohyped

Well fuck a duck. "YOU WILL NOT PASS"--Gandalf.

Blacks are also highest at risk for HIV infections. Let's get the Black Caucus to ban frelling.
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