August 1st, 2008

I think Twitter has inadvertently made me more blogalicous

  • Lemur said Larry Townsend died. Virtually nothing on Wikipedia on him. I googled and googled: nada. Unless you're into the leather daddy literature, or gay sci fi writing, you wont know of him. I went ahead and googled and found (supposedly) an original Leatherman's Handbook on the intarwebs at, which deals in rare or collectibles. I just hope mom doesnt just throw out all my books when I die thinking they're all prurient. Those 1st Edition Nudie books I got are worth some serious bling, ma!  Still no confirmation of his death though, but I still wanted a copy of the 1st edition. I have later editions.
  • Did I mention I got a nice raise? That should pay for gas, right? Seems like the past few years that is what the raise, in effect, goes to. Thanks, Bush.
  • For those not on my Twitter: 1 out of 10 "strays" are targets of gaybashing. Strays are Straights who read as gay. I just love that term. They're beyond metrosexual. These are the men who all the women insist are gay but really really just arent. We love the fey.
  • Can I just get a shout-out for the soul brothas on So You Think You Can Dance? It's one thing for the kids in our hippity hop appropriated black culture to vote cuz they are wannabe Wafrican Americans, but it's an entirely different thing when these street dancers are way outperforming the classically trained dancers. Yeah yeah it's still phone in votes but if you watch the show, it's for real. They deserve it. JOSHUA. Holla atcha boy!  Forth Worth represent!
  • I like' new design. Kinda. I havent checked to see if they let you change colors. That'd be schweet.  I really encourage you social web 2.0 whores to get a account and aggregate your disparate services. It's not great for reading LJ/Blogging, but you can slurp everything aggregated into Facebook if you want. I think for us web2.0 whores, it's a good aggregate streamer, at least for now, and gives a more colorful picture of who you is.  For example. Me.  and spiffie.  I screw up sometimes and post to friendfeed AND tweets. Sue me.  Conversely, I like profilactic as a "Jump" page, but not as a reader.  Their "lifestreaming" is actually BETTER as far as reading, but the feeds are very limited in scope, time-wise.
  • Just in case you are boggled by my social media whoring, remember what I do for a living. It's my job to know what's out there so I can make suggestions. Plus, what else am I gon' do betwixt outcalls? If it's on the computer, it's RESEARCH. LOVE mah jawb.
  • My car is paid off today!  What do I want now?

  • 28 Days to Southern Decadence hajj!
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