August 4th, 2008

Bitch fights and La Bamba

Jeff got into a Bitch Fight at Rain. I'd sheltered him from his stalker for a portion of the evening using my typical fuck off aura. The minute I leave him to his own devices the stalker throws a drink at him for unrequited love so he wails on him. It looked like patty cake to me.

Lou Diamond Phillips was reperzentin at Rain on Saturday. He's not a gay, though. Jeff got up in his grill and Lou was gracious and insisted he take a picture with him. Why is he still sporting the same 20yo haircut from La Bamba? RICHIEEEEEEE!  It looked like he was hangin out with a man/woman pair and then jetted. Spent most of his time there just dancin right out of Saturday Night Fever and having a good time and being accommodating to the starfuckers.

Utter AC failure saturday!  Outside pipe was stove up with ice.  We ran it in around 2 hour intervals upon expert homeowner consensus and kept from ovenroasting at night but during the day when I didnt realize it was busted and assumed it was just ungodly hot, CUZ IT WAS, I took up the ancient Spanish art of Siesta.  spiffie got a new filter and that seems to have been what jimmied up the works.  I'm guessing this might be why we also had a record 270 dollah light bill this month and 230 last month WTF.

Ate lunch saturday at Evangelines. It was very good. Special of the day was pork chops stuffed with boudin and OMG it was yummeh. Is it me or does the more authentic the Gumbo, the more it actually tastes like mud?  I'm a shromp whore and got the seafood platter. About what you'd expect for fried seafood. Ixnay on the stuffed crab though. Mas Gross.  The crawfish stuffed pistollete was mas yummers though, as were the fried pickles. mmmm.

On the family front, the baby fell out of the kiddie pool and has staples in her head. Mom's vagina seems to be healing rather well.  They are driving me up the wall with their wireless drama, though. I think their cable modem is screwed up.  She thinks it's funny that I tell people she broke her vuh jay jay and says I'm crazy.  Dad is loving the Sanyo mp3 player I got him and mom's been stealing it for walks. I think it's the first gift EVAR that he actually liked. 

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an into ancient IRCer Greg Brady. OMG Greg Brady! I had a horrible crush on him since the first time I met him. While I caught up at Rain I remembered why. Being with him was always like settling into a hot tub at the perfect temperature. Which was usually the same manner in which I sat with him at the bar, just all melted into him. Drinking isnt the only thing I have a nostalgia for from my Golden days.  He is the current chairman of a local hispanic chamber of commerce. Dont ask me why. It seemed sensible to him.
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