August 9th, 2008

On the premise of webcams

He followed me into the bathroom.
Dont think I heard him pee and he left when I did.
He cruised me hard outside while I lit a cigarette but I ignored him.
Finally, he got brave and asked if I was looking for company to which I told him no.
Why not? It's just something I havent done in this city since I sobered up these 8 dry years.
He stayed talking to me, a difficult feat, considering everyone out last night chose that time to say hi.
He began leaning into me like a puppy starved for affection. He'd already seen the goods so I guessed he must really be into me.
We moved to less dense pastures at the back of the bar where I told him I was bad at this sort of things so I usually didnt bother.
Finally, he said he was leaving and it was my choice whether to follow.
I lit a cigarette instead.
He came back 10 seconds later and said it would be rude of a citizen of Austin to not show a guest his way out.
I thought it was subtle and cheeky, so I did.

Mustang Kid:  "Does this mean you won't be a bitch fora  few days?"


Is it me or in this age of technology does anyone else fear the presence of a hidden webcam in the room? I mean, 8 years dry. This doesnt happen to me. Am I being punked? Self-loathing indeed.

At any rate I now know what the inside of the downtown Omni looks like.
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