March 17th, 2014

My tweets

  • Sun, 15:12: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! Stories via @nprmusic
  • Sun, 16:52: we loveded betty who way before perez hilton. just sayin
  • Sun, 16:57: let's diss on sxsw; it's outgrown itself. unless omg it's gary numan. omg it's blondie. omg snoop. omg willie nelson
  • Sun, 17:03: a funny thing about sxsw is that I don't know wtf any of the artists look like, but I can ID a house dj immediately
  • Sun, 17:10: I read that fred phelps was on his death bed. I smiled before I could remind myself that my thoughts were unchristian
  • Sun, 17:11: reminder that today is GAYBIGAYGAY 2014
  • Sun, 17:22: I have the windows open so the heater keeps coming on. I am way past ready to put away the flannel sheets and sweaters
  • Sun, 17:26: this week proved to me that your friends don't want to follow your music posts. they want to come by the EXACT SAME music "organically"
  • Sun, 17:31: I think it's awesome that @bettywhomusic can be bopping right in front of @WEFOUNDNEWMUSIC at one show and then headlining at another
  • Sun, 17:58: oh mang. @austinpsychfest has a sweet lineup, but I shouldn't be reading it so soon after sxsw. I am jaded. where jaded = exhausted
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