November 23rd, 2015

My tweets

  • Sun, 15:54: I love he gothy kids in the chvrches - empty threat video. I am not sure if one of the girls is trans or not, but even better if she is
  • Sun, 16:06: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out!
  • Sun, 16:14: I'm happy for louisiana. many people reacted to katrina refugees the same way they are to syrian refugees. omg crime! why live on a swamp!
  • Sun, 16:14: I can't even begin to think if it's not pc to compare katrina "refugees" with syrian ones, so I'm not. I'm comparing the sentiment
  • Sun, 16:28: kelly clarkson is still killing it. piece by piece
  • Sun, 16:30: Kelly Clarkson - Piece By Piece via @YouTube
  • Sun, 16:31: RT @JaySaysStuff: Adele is what happens when a radioactive spider bites a 3 am drunk text from an ex.
  • Sun, 17:15: when the washington post uses staunch instead of stanch? @daveweigel
  • Sun, 17:20: would it be silly of me to get the same mercy tattoo that @nickjonas has? I THINK NOT
  • Sun, 17:42: I think it's going to be a 3 mugs of coffee kind of day
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