February 13th, 2017

My tweets

  • Sun, 16:05: The latest Make Your Own Kind of Music! https://t.co/gJrkpGEZIh Thanks to @The405 #frankocean #waynesworld
  • Sun, 17:35: I've been letting my beard grow. the feeling and texture is starting to turn me on. maybe cuz it feels like pubes. or familiar old kisses?
  • Sun, 17:54: I understand the sentiment, but I do not think shopping at a store for affluent people counts as an act of resistance
  • Sun, 19:40: why do liberals love alec baldwin. does his making fun of the president erase his go to word when he's angry, F@ggot?
  • Sun, 20:32: some fly by day. moonlighting strangers. who just met on the way.
  • Sun, 22:48: I bought everything to make pozole rojo except the actual pozole. jod�r
  • Mon, 01:31: very happy for 21 Pilots grammy win. and for approaching the mic in their underwear
  • Mon, 01:43: rihanna givin them “you’re next” eyes at ed sheeran
  • Mon, 01:57: beyonce's grammy show special effects need their own grammy ok
  • Mon, 02:28: why do people keep letting katy perry sing live
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