Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Planet Funk- The Switch

Could you push your button? Could you feel that switch?(song preview)

I've been wringing the hands over buying a new computer. This one's about 6 years old now, it's loud, it puts out lots of heat from all the fans on it. I recently had to reinstall it because XP decided to vomit on it and it took hours and hours. The system updates alone were an ordeal.
Vista is looming over the horizon and even though i've not seen it, my geek brethren across the globe have been kvetching about it.
Along with the operating system, there are countless viruses and security exploits and cookie trojans and spywares to deal with.
I'm just feeling too oppressed by a tool that's supposed to be useful to me and make my life easier. I've bitched about Macs but I must say, even my "slow" macbook seems to have made strides in a great deal of why I've disliked Macs. Mind you, i was a switch from mac to PC. Mostly for nerd reasons, of course. I liked being able to just replace a drive, replace a card, replace a fan, replace a motherboard, ad disco lights, etc.
I think I'm over that kind of nerdy. I just want a computer that works and I dont want to feel like I'm a prisoner just to use it.
I heard my fan making funny noises last night too. Like hard drive is gonna die noises.

So I bought a new Intel Core 2 duo 2.66GHz Mac Pro today. I can run XP on it if i want to, as well as OS X and a *nix flavor, all on the same machine, just like I have on my macbook. I'm not too keen on iPhoto and wish there was a Picasa for Macs. I'm still looking at other sharewares. Also, something I hadnt considered until today, I guess cuz I just wasnt looking that direction, was all the open sourceware I can run on it. Just oodles and oodles of it.

So yeah, I've made the switch. Again. Approx 5 days to take delivery. 3 computers for the price of 1!

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