Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Swamp Thang

Such a tranquil picture isnt it? Click through to see why it's not.

This is next to my house on Enfield.

It all started with that great big pit. No biggie. Annoying to know it's going on, but in the grand scheme of I work for a living, I dont notice it while I'm gone to work all day. But if you see here , there is a sewer/manhole cover. I'm not sure what it's for. It's been raining here in Austin, not hard from what I could tell, you know, being at work all day with no windows, but it's been steady. So imagine my surprise when I get home from work and I hear something in the yard as I walk up. I hear a creek. So I go check it out. The creek's origins are from this sewer cover. It doesnt smell, so I know spiffie didn't kill it with a hellacious dump or anything. This has never happened before they started with the 2 story tractors and bulldozers. I think maybe it's just rained so much it overfloweth. *shrug*.

I go out to the disco and I get home and check on it and it's raining again and that water is just pouring downhill into that pit. I don't know about you, but I've seen Poltergeist way too many times to be comfortable with this. And I can't for a minute believe that sitting like that for long is good for the slab of this house. Surely it will shift. That water isnt gonna go anywhere. That hole is ALL clay. It's Texas. Y'all know how it is. So unless they drain it soon, that instant party pool will turn into MOSQUITO CITY.

spiffie said he called the city to report all that water running off, in case it was somethin broken down in the street's intestines. I told him about my Poltergeist visions, except that instead it was gonna be our bodies floating out of the in-progress pool.

I guess the city came out. I think the construction crew that was out digging some more today took one look and said oops and moved that orange stuff around the sewer cover. It was not like that yesterday or last night.

I thought Austin was full of concerned citizens. I suppose that parents have not passed by and seen that those big mounds and that big "pool" is just a breeding ground for skeeters, and a big ol invitation for kids to mess around in. Hell, I wanna go play in it myself! Not that there's all that many kids on this street what with it being kinda dangerous with all the goin-ta-Mopac traffic on Enfield. But still. There is a development not 2 doors down that is all fenced off and has been from the get go. Maybe when they stop diggin and do actual construction that requires hardhats they'll fence it off. I dont know. What I do know is I bet this isnt the last trouble we have til they are done building it.

Here are the rest of the photos I took. Clickthrough. (note: I normally use flickr but I wanted to do this quick so I used google's picasa and did the internal picasa publish to web albums thang. pretty nifty)


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