Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

My one great regret

about switching back to apple is apple's sucks grandma's titty support for webcams.
sure you can spend big gigantic bucks and use a firewire ported regular video cam, but that's a huge waste of money.
My current cam is a logitech clicksmart 510. There are hacks out there for various cams for the PC that will also work on the Mac, but not mine. Teh Suxor.

My good fiend textaddict bought an iMac so he had a leftover iSight camera that he decided he'd give me for 50 bucks since it was useless to him. Actually he said 20 bucks and a blowjob but I told him it wasn't worth my dignity. Plus, frankly, he doesnt really fit in my mouth. Trust, I've been there.

My only problem now is that he couldnt find the stand for it. I'm going to order this SightFlex, which is much better than the apple stand anyway.

The logitech keyboard driver sucks ass on my new Mac Pro too. It just won't load and makes my system preferences hang. haters!

Did I mention that there was a guy in just his boxers on my porch sitting in the sleet at 4am saturday night? I listened to what appeared to be a phone conversation which a pissed off girlfriend. I polled gay.com as to what I should do. They said call APD. Instead I went for a butcher knife (spiffie was asleep). By the time I got back to the front door, he was pouring himself into a giant truck so I didnt get a good look to see if he was teh hot. I saw a big blue truck at apartments across the street so I'm thinking she threw him out and he sought shelter from the sleet on our dark porch. I wished he hadnt gotten picked up. I already had the porno soundtrack playing in my head.

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