Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

The History Boys

The Critics pretty much hated this film but I loved it. It's kind of like Dead Poet's Society, but because it's English, it has to have the gays and the muslim.  It's not really a gay film though. It's a long argument about Smart vs Intelligent. Honesty or Presentation. Style over Substance.  The critics mostly hate it because it comes across too strongly, meaning the acting wasnt tempered in its translation from stage to screen. I guess I mostly like it cuz the dialogue is witty and heady which is refreshing to me.  When you compare the content of dialogue in this film and compare it to Family Guy, you can perhaps see why it's refreshing to me.  A lot of it seems like a sermon but for me it manages to get into the pulpit without coming out as flat as Law and Order when it does the same thing.  My only regret is that, although some of the boys are cute, they're not superhawt and making me love the film just for eyecandy. I love those!  Oddly enough, it was English but no wenis! 
Netflix I say! It can't be any worse than Borat (vomit).

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