Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Day Watch

Did I mention I bought the Day Watch DVD on ebay?
I saw it Saturday after Eeyore's.

Did I mention I went to eeyore's for a brief time? My photos are here but you have to login to Flickr to see them because I forgot to self moderate one wenis pic. Haters!
(click photo to get to flickr albums)

So anyway, You don't really have to read the Day Watch book to get the movie. It's almost like Day Watch was what was left out of Night Watch, and then a little more, with quite a bit of artistic license. It does tie in with the previous movie though. The Night Watch book will help you understand a lot of the plot in Day Watch DVD though.

And of course, I have to tell you, the preview was MASTERFUL. Put in context into the movie, the previews of course had the best action pics and in the movie it wasn't so stellar. Perhaps because I had already suspended belief.

The vampire boy is SO HAWT (Aleksei Chadov). He's like Smallville Superboy but with fangs and a Russian accent. mmmmm

I still enjoyed the film. Different is always good.

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