Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

A weekend fit for a Queen

I saw The Queen this weekend. Good movie but I have to sum it up in one word: PROPAGANDA.

I finally saw Dreamgirls for the first time ever. As far as those kinds of films go, it was aight. It got better toward the end. spiffie asked what I was watching cuz it sounded very gay from his room. As with a lot of gay fabulous things, I didn't see the gay draw. For me, the powerful moments of music in the movie are when eddie murphy teams up with the dreamgirl he was cheatin on his wife with for a song. Great song. And Effie's version of One Night Only. Beyonce's disco version rocks the house and I like my fluff, but Effie's wasnt fluff. It was soul. Is it me or did that song never get as much cred, if at all, as And I am telling you? I guess without the black gospel choral "growl" it doesnt have as much fire and theatrics for the drag queens.

Don't get me wrong. I do love musicals so I do have a gay gene. Sound of Music is my favorite movie. Hedwig rocked the house, which I saw at Zach Scott and on DVD. Rent was Disney does AIDS and sappy and I didnt like it. The lyrics told too much of its story and they were corny at that.

So I am telling you, I'm keeping my gay card.

Oh. Eddie Murphy did a great james brownish turn. No wonder he died. He was only alive when they let him be him.

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