Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

a little ketchup

Took friday off so thursday I went out. It was crazy like a friday. Rain was GHETTO. OCH was...tastes like chicken. But fun and spiffie and pup came out so it was aight. Misters on a rainy not are stupid though!

I dressed how I was dressed for work and people acted like I was running around naked. Felipe! You're underdressed! You have to build people up to the saturday wow factor you know. 24/7 Wow you get habituated.

Friday. Madness! It was fun all in all though. Oh hey. I also went to see Spiderman 3. I HATE it when they give the bad guys redemption songs! I'm not a comic book freak and I see movies as just the movies they are, so it was fine for me. Not great though. Not even good really. Just something to watch that didnt irk me.

Saturday lunch with spiffie at Whore foods. Somebody please tell me their secret to smooth polenta! Krzystof I KNOW you know. Mine always still comes out a little bit cornmealy. Soak longer and lower the heat maybe? Add creme or butter?

OMG Saturday night was so much fun. Holiday weekends can be so daunting but you cant go out and be uppity if you're gonna be stupid and go out on a holiday saturday. You either rub your nipples against everyone and enjoy the chaos or just be grumpy and why the fuck did you go out in the first place? So yes it was annoying, but it was also quite festive if you were letting yourself get wild on the dancefloor and see all the out of town eye candy. Delish mm mm.

Did I mention I am a blonde again? See how long that lasts.

Sunday I am dog tired. Went out to the lake anyway. Now standing up at a club that's crowded is fine. But trying to recline at the lake with millions of people in every available piece of rock is just apeshit. I've never seen FIRST Splash so packed! I sat right next to giant wenis giant foreskin man. So of course everybody looked at him but tried not to. That was kind of fun.

Somebody made fun of me for going all the way out there just to read. teehee.

Elysium in the evening. It was crazy too but not as much as it's been. They moved all the tables out which helps. They created a pseudo patio out front for the smokers so that was nice. Lots of the trendwhore gays were there.

Monday. Memorial day must involve BBQ. Went to Rudys. The End.

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