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Here's mud in your Ay, Papi.


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Daddy boilin up the crawfish and the fixins
Of course I spent the weekend in Stinkadena. We just ate and ate all weekend. My family LOVES Golden Corral so I took them last friday. I didn't love it til the waitress said "Smoking or non smoking?"
OMG. Heaven!

Michael was home from county lockup after 6 months (although he went back in to the city jail for a PI only 3 days later. just overnight). Jesse mowed everyone's lawns for gas money (the military dont pay much). Steve declined cuz he "hates to visit on holidays". That's cuz he's a loser. Your family is SUPPOSED to annoy you on holidays!

Pats was absent most of the weekend til the crawfish came out. We went hog wild at the thrifty stores all saturday.

I accidentally went to the whorehouse on Saturday night cuz well, everybody went to bed and I didnt have anything to do so...why NOT go visit the steamroom for a little erm...relaxation? (Yes. I let off a little steam.)
And as you can see, sunday was all MUDBUGS. mmmm.

homo say lj-cut? sit n spin.


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Youngest brother JC showing off his trophy crawfish. He and Javi were competing for biggest pile.

Mujeres en el Andaño

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All ze vimminz of ze Ego Clan

Bragging Rights

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The only time my new niece actually came near me. (Jesse's girl)

After the Loving

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Clicky click for the whole set


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