Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

3 Needles; or A Thorn in my Side.

I saw this last night. I just dont know what to say about this movie. I was watching it and thinking now THIS is horror. It's 3 shorts around the globe relating to HIV and amazingly enough, none of them homosexual. The...Chinese? one? I can't remember. It had Lucy Liu. I just wanted to die.

What's worse is, you see movies like the first and last vignette (the middle one is more like the typical gay american experience....I guess) and you ...ok I, get so mad. You see what these people have to contend with in third world nations. And you just want to slap "educated" first world citizens cuz ALL they have to do is wear a condom.

Stockard Channing in this one. Oh my lerd.

This is not a movie to watch for happy thoughts.


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