Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

odds and ends again

•how stupid is it that the highlight of my weekend (2 weekends ago) was that they had "green bags" for sale at the whore foods checkout? I hollered SCREW THE PAPER AND PLASTIC GIVE ME TWO OF THESE AND USE THEM NOW! Especially after harrassing spiffie over lunch about how his bottled water is causing global warming. Well, it IS. I think we will both have to buy another set though (he somehow got the same idea I did, 6 lanes over. that probably has something to do with the literal MOUNTAIN of plastic bags we have amassed because we are earth friendly in theory but in application, we just dont think about actually recycling what we've accrued). Anybody else like that?

•I talked to my old friend Michael. He's doing awesome and is back in school. He told me how thrilled he was to have found me on Myspace and having messaged him back feels like I've breathed new life into his own. How fucked up is that? lol He just says that with me and Rick he's never felt more centered and is now making it his long term goal to finish up with what he has to finish and one day come back here. Luck!

•Also, I'm giddy because tomorrow I get my Z00M! whitening. But i cant smoke for 48 hours. The horror! $400 bucks (half off summer special) is a small price to pay for 20 years of smoke and coffee damage, no?

•OH. Almost forgot. I got a stunning job evaluation. 50 out of 150 surveys were raving reviews. And these surveys are voluntary. Who does that? Only 50 cuz i'm not the only tech and we've just started using WebHelpDesk around February.

•I'm anxious about going back to New Orleans for Southern Decadence.

•I still cant decide if i should go to my 20 year high school reunion on Aug 4. I don't care about those people but I could totally be passing up a Romy and Michelle weekend. Plus it could be fun to out myself this time.

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