Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Get this party started on a Saturday night

Everybody's waiting for me to arrive
Sendin' out the message to all of my friends

wait. I dont really have any!

I'm avoiding the dancefloor at the can cuz it's got platforms up for a show and it's hot and i'm irritated and i am not liking the music. I finally get tired of random people hitting on me and asking me the "subtle" way by asking what part of town I live in so I hit the dancefloor one more time. tex-818 is dancing with saksboy78 and tex grabs me up on the dancefloor. saksboy78 is totally girling out and getting his twirl on, hands in the air and hips swaying and is just having a blast.

In prance the Brasilians. If you've never seen these brasilians, I swear to you, everywhere they go is like a Carnaval in Rio parade. G is the worst (best) of them. Just all over the map shaking his money maker with his lovely jamaican twists that i envy. I know who they all are except one doesnt know me. He says "hi, we have not met. I'm *boom boom boom*." I say "hi I'm *boom boom boom*." They dont stay still EVAR so the party moves across the "dancefloor" but I stay put.

the brasiliero

I'm dancing and he comes over and grabs my hand. He looks at me and says with gravity "Us gays have to stick together." I let him pull me by the hand over to the rest of the crazies. They are brasilians. You know that phrase dance like nobody's watching? They dont believe in that. What kind of nonsense is that!

I laugh at their shenanigans and I'm not irritated anymore. I am a little stupefied that there are still people like jammers76 (above) in the world. Me? Stick together? I don't know that I ever knew how to do that. How scary.

As an aside. I'm starting to understand more and more why men my age go for the young ones. There is that ick factor for me, yes. But quite often I'm enchanted by the fresh perspectives, and sometimes the chuckles I get from the naivete too. Not with all the youngins, but I mean, ok here's an example. This guy always makes me want to free-ball everytime I spend any time with him. Just ADORABLE. Go buy coffee from him at Halcyon before it goes away! (Yes I know he looks older than me in this photo)


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