Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos


•Mom messages me Friday. My youngest version 2.0 uncle's wife died. She went speeding and hit railroad tracks and flew and hit a tree and died instantly. Her poor children. At least she had just dropped them off to the sitter. I didnt go. I never met her.

•Saturday, an old ircer KarlTx (awlgnume) died. A long battle with lymphoma. How strange that instead of Me, Kewal(chuck) and Chiligurl going first like we should have, it's others. 2 ircer deaths over the summer. I told a few other ircers and they're like karl who? I am dreading that will happen to me when I die. Will I care?

•I ran into Imreallikejlo/interim32. (brainporn.org). At one point he was right up on me on the dancefloor and I wished i was 20 years younger so I could do that slutty dancing that all the kids do that makes them feel sexy. He's so doable. I had better knees when I was 20.

•Sunday went to see Eric Himan. He's still so cute but he let his cousin bleach a streak in his hair. Now he looks like Pepe Lepew. We hosted him his first austin visit at Nathan James' house for a private show and he doesnt remember us. After the starfuckers are done with him he comes over to us anyway cuz he loves boys with tattoos. Once we remind him who we are he's ashamed. But he has traveled back and forth across the US so ya cant blame the guy.

•Tomorrow I head to New Orleans for my annual sex hajji. I will be out of pocket...but probably online the whole time.

•School starts today. I've been running ragged around here with all the help requests. But at least they shouldnt be as crazy as they could be while I'm on my trip.

•I found this gif animation. I can't seem to get it below 40K so I can make it an LJ icon. I'm going to try with Fireworks or ImageReady. Maybe cutting out a few frames will do.

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