Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Early arrival

Braun 8585 Activator Self-Cleaning Shaving System

Spiffie's bday present arrived. I looked it up on ebay to check the reviews and to see about the cleaning cartridge costs. It cost a buttload of money. Spiffie has upped the present buying ante. Showoff.

This weekend I bought myself a Philips 42" LCD HDTV with Ambilight 2. The ambilight throws light on the wall that's supposed to help your poor aging eyesight by not making your eyes have to adjust so much to lighting changes on screen. It's so sweet this giant TV. Of course I had to buy an upconvertor so I could watch regular dvd's in simulated HD quality. I watched 300 on it and it was sublime. I'm lazy so instead of the cheapie one, I got the 5 dvd changer which tripled the price of the standards single player. I already get the buttload package from Grande which includes the HD channels of consequence to me. I dont watch ESPN so I dont need that in HD. The magic words for the sale were "No interest on your card for 3 years". I figure I could save up for 3 years to get a tv and continue watching my same entire-room-heating old 36" toob, or I could watch pretty tv for 3 years and make paymicks on it. Of course now I want an HDMI card for my computer so I can like, output computer videos onto the TV if I so choose. And my cd changer/receiver is now rendered obsolete although I'm still using the sound for it cuz it will take 2 external audio inputs. When the HD Blu-ray battle is over, I'll have to make that purchase too. Now I have to run out to Grande to trade in my DVR for an HD one.

I also finally caved, due to gift cards, and went Ipod. The nanos are so cute. Realistically I will mostly use it for driving home. I'm tired of my other mp3 player conking out on juice 2 hours into the drive to Houston. Of course the purchase will entail accessories too.
I will be wanting one of these but in the meantime feel free to buy me one of these

It's very sad that the most interesting things in my life are the things I buy. So if people tell you they hate me, tell them to buy me something. Like a flickr or LJ account extension.

Isnt it precious? The cover becomes translucent when you activate the ipod. It's so...Terminator 3.

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