Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

At last update

My sister says she was with my brother and they had him detoxing. 4x the legal alcohol limit. Ah good times. Then when he is in better shape apparently the rehab people come get him. I hope it's not a rich people rehab. They havent helped Lindsay and Britney.

Mom is still in my camp. Nothing she can do. She has to work. He needs to go to rehab. I dont know why he thinks his dad doesnt love him. Boohoo. Considering I stopped drinking by myself, I have no compassion for him. It is a just do it family I come from. Steve must watch too much Oprah.

I love my new nano skin

I'm totally pimped out in this hat when I go out too

And I'm going retro Vivienne Westwood Sid Vicious Sex Pistols here on this new old tee. nsfw after the cut

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