Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Gay for halloween

<thRobb_7> who is dressing for halloween?
<Tuck003> I will
<SuperboyAustin> meee!
<EgOiStE> i have yet to decide
<SuperboyAustin> I am a roman soldier
<SuperboyAustin> and a sexy bunny at our white party
<EgOiStE> you're gonna be cold
<thRobb_7> I am as well
<SuperboyAustin> not cold where I'll be
<EgOiStE> i thought you wanted to be spartan
<Austintexas78745> I am going to be a ghost
<Tuck003> I am doing the Tarzan thing
<Austintexas78745> that is going to have cum drewling down my mouth
<Austintexas78745> and a Cock going to be hanging out of my mouth
<Austintexas78745> that I just bit off
<EgOiStE> i am gonna just dress up really really nice and be overextended credit.

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