Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

pimp style

(1:41:43 PM) EgOiStETx: i'm in a sweater and hot now
(1:41:51 PM) EgOiStETx: but i wore a wool hat and hoodie this mornin
(1:42:02 PM) EgOiStETx: you wear a hat and bitches get crazy
(1:42:12 PM) pedrophile: really
(1:42:14 PM) EgOiStETx: i done had a photographer up in my grill earlier takin portraits
(1:42:20 PM) EgOiStETx: just passin by my orifice
(1:42:21 PM) pedrophile: haha
(1:42:33 PM) EgOiStETx: he said can i take picksha of costume?
(1:42:40 PM) EgOiStETx: i was like wtf. i'm not IN a costume
Tags: chatlogs

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