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(3:50:52 PM) hottietrainer: man, i gotta hurry up and get hot again so i can start going out(3:51:01 PM) hottietrainer: damn chicken pox delayed me 4 weeks arg
(3:51:18 PM) hottietrainer: but i started back yesterday yay!!!!
(3:51:22 PM) EgOiStETx: when i got the chicken pox, i had them for 3 days
(3:51:32 PM) hottietrainer: as a kid?
(3:51:34 PM) EgOiStETx: my school nurse didnt believe me so i had to get checked
(3:51:40 PM) EgOiStETx: like in 9th grade
(3:51:47 PM) hottietrainer: yeah as a kid no big deal
(3:51:48 PM) EgOiStETx: sure enough. nada
(3:51:52 PM) hottietrainer: as a adult its pure hell
(3:51:54 PM) hottietrainer: 1000x worse
(3:51:59 PM) hottietrainer: 4 weeks of fun
(3:52:12 PM) EgOiStETx: my brother got them from me and was out for weeks. had them all down his throat and everything
(3:52:27 PM) EgOiStETx: got bad scars on his face to this day
(3:52:32 PM) hottietrainer: it can be deadly in adults too, i just lucked out nothing big bad happen
(3:52:42 PM) EgOiStETx: well at least you dont have to care about sterility
(3:52:46 PM) hottietrainer: i got some treasures on my back and arms im sure
(3:52:55 PM) hottietrainer: not at this gym
(3:53:05 PM) EgOiStETx: i meant your sperms, dude
(3:53:05 PM) hottietrainer: it has every germ known to man
(3:53:37 PM) hottietrainer: ooo i thought u meant clean/germ free steril enviro
(3:53:37 PM) EgOiStETx: leave it to the gays to think sterility means a germ free gym
(3:53:43 PM) hottietrainer: hehehe
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