Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

I'm just sick of it.

Yes of course it's the media blowing things out of proportion. The gays are guiltiest of it too. We all want the hot straight boys to be gay. Or we fetishize the straight and eroticize sexual activity with them and harass anyone who engages in homosexual activity and claims to be straight.

Yet another "famous" person is on the receiving end of such drama.

Following the publication yesterday by a Canadian gossip site of photos of 19-year-old Toronto Maple Leaf rookie Jiri Tlusty tonguing another man along with a provocative suggestion that he was ready to come out of the closet, the Czech ice hockey player wrote into the site saying he thought the post was "funny" and he didn't care.

Maybe it's the gays who've always lived a gay lifestyle. Maybe it's the gays who were long-time closet queens projecting their own experiences. I've done that. I came out late in life. And coming out late in life has taught me that boys will be boys. Boys do homo-social activities all the time. Sober or drunk. They even do homo-sexual stuff all the time, whether it's taunting or joking or outright sex. Now on the sexual end, I can say, give them a break. If i'm hot for an avowed straight and he wants to do a little experimentation with a gay or guy he really likes, Let him! If he starts craving the wing wing all too often then sure, he may as well come out with it.

If a guy wants to helicopter in the soccer dressing room after the game or teabag his mates while they sleep, let him. It's typical heteronormative male behavior.

Someone needs to explain to people that homosexuality lies in Desire and not in perfectly normal male shenanigans.

We're such a long way from do what thou wilt. Making people choose teams, or worse, you choosing for them, only undercuts our avowed gay opportunities for getting that toaster and recruiting those that walk the fine line =]

Homo-sexual. Homo-loving. Homo-social. We're not always all of the aforementioned, and certainly not all the time. But straight men often delve into a few.

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