Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

project runway


Rami is hot

But the judges thought his dress was Chic. Come on here. Every fuckin woman on the Hercules series wore this outfit!

Kevin is the only straight one

I'm still undecided on if I want to jump Steve. I think yes.

Christian has spastic hairuh. I think he tailors well but I found his outfit frumpy and the colors were ew.

Jack, HIV. Chris, KaWEEEEEN. Chris' outfit was my fave actually. Ricky, enough with the same hat in different patterns already. Marion, God Bless us, every one!

Oh yeah the women. well. Elisa is a fuckin freakshow but the basic dress was the bomb. So sleek, although not my color. Too bad she can't just design a dress. She has to go all artsy fartsy on our asses to show us she has depth. Unfortunately her depths looked like a green texas lizard's wattle got tumored.
Jillian's outfit was fresh and cute but not really novel. The rest...they'll be off the show soon I think.

Cue James Brown This is a man's world.

Tags: entertainment, faggoty

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