Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Friday Night Lights

I was all set to be proud of Zach. And I am. He started out as a shot boy at Boyz Cellar. He just finished law school in Denver. He's so lovely and genuinely nice. So of course now that he's done, he says he doesnt want to practice law. I just nodded and smiled. So good to see him, a quasi-protege.

Pup is out of control. Someone please date him. I have been compelled to start talking to people to help him mingle and find somebody to date. That has got to stop. People might start to think I like them. He is so out of control he decided to talk to people who beat him up. Of course they dont remember it.

He had a trick all lined up with my dancing buddy Daniel. He asked all the appropriate questions. Bottom-check. single-check. easy-check. check check check. Then he just let the subject drop like he had ADHD.

Cary's englishman I had already spotted from across the bar. The mohawked and slightly nerdy looking gay guy. Thank god he didnt have tattoos and piercings or I'd have fainted. So when Cary drags me over to meet his visitor, who else would it be but the fine looking Briton I had already spotted. FYI we hateses euphaes.
I am generally not attracted to anyone he is, and as far as I know this one's looks are atypical for him.

He asked for comments later. My one comment: "Can you get him to holler my name just once?". During sexing of course as Cary very astutely assumed. Not amused!

I'm starting to feel like all the mexicans from san antonio are driving up to see me "in concert". I'll be dancing and look around and i'll notice I have an audience. Or at least it feels that way. Or they'll grab their friend and do the friend booty bump maneuver. Unfamiliar?

You grab your friend as a confederate. You sidle up beside the one you're interested in. Then your friend accidentally on purpose sort of forces you to bump into them or maneuver you into some sort of cleaving hoochie dancing circumstance due to the quantum physics of song and dance. I had 3 of those setups last night but I am a pro at deterrence and could spot it a mile away. Amateurs.

Apolonio was shitfaced and I was on the verge of decking him so I didnt get to dance as much as I wanted to. Until he got thrown out. Terrorist Kevin took him home.

Tis the season. I guess.

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