Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Din data doh doh doh din data doh doh doh.

  • I met half a midget at Elysium on Sunday. No really. Half. He was in a wheelchair. I dont know if he was amputee or what what, but he was half. And seemed nice.

  • I ran into Korey Coleman too. He was gracious and told his friend I gave him his big break. They started out on the access cable Show with No Name reviewing movies. They started up Spill.com and do their reviews as animated characters instead of real people. Somebody saw their stuff on Youtube and they got a real deal out of it. Korey's big break was me hiring him to do Eddie the Albino Squirrel for the Texan.

  • Apollo was in Town. Always nice to see him.

  • My leg is gimpy. I was fine til I went to euphaes' class last Monday. Somehow I pulled something. My leg popped on Sunday and it fixed. Unfortunately, I think all the strain on the left leg has made that one go out of whack now.

  • I bought some Glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM tablets. These are some serious tablets. Big as my thumb from knuckle to nail. Maybe they'll fix my gag reflex. It's to help with my joint problems. Lord knows if it will.

  • Dougie is a cellist. He collaborated with Timberlake recently. He told me they recorded some cello parts for some new music. Then they ate Home Slice Pizza. I love Dougie. He makes me warm inside.

  • I got my tax refund on Friday. I will probably just pay off credit debt. Haters.

  • chasing is a trouble-maker

  • spiffie is still from canadia

    That is all. For now.
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