Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

«EgOiStE» you ever notice that people dont appear to do what their hobbies say they like doin
«dahvin» I have picts of me doing my hobbies
«EgOiStE» i dont know what's in your hobbies but i've seen the calving gloves
«dahvin» lmao
«dahvin» those are extra-curricular activities, not hobbies.  I like to camp, so I go camping, I have two mountain bikes, so I go hit the trails.

«beau__77» i hate it when people ask me what i do for fun
«beau__77» i ebay and jerk off to porn alright
«EgOiStE» me too
«beau__77» you're suppose to say you do something interesting
«EgOiStE» what's not interesting about that?

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