Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

The Age of the Porncreep.

Are cock shots really porn anymore? Have they become so de rigeur (or fast becoming so) that really unless you're a teacher or a politician, it's no more an oddity than taking a picture standing next to your car, as the article suggests? I think it's partly human (male) nature, just because it kind of just hangs all out there that we've returned back to a digital time where we just dont see why NOT let it all hang out there. It's also a new form of bravery, or masculinity, or whatever word you choose for "having balls". Here I am and I am not afraid or ashamed. It's not even about bragging usually. Some exibitionism sure. Foto Ergo Sum.

Naked Men Pictures, Nude Males, Gay Erotica and Porn

The posting of the porn self-portrait is akin to an impulse purchase. Just as quickly as it appears, a new one downloads and replaces it.

To the modern Under-Thirty mind, we suspect, it is merely a matter of when, not if, the picture will be sent up into the ether. After all, who has time to be embarrassed when everything is moving at the speed of fiber-optic light?
Tags: faggoty, musings, narcissism, porn

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