Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Feeding the addiction

Met my Chalupa crew out on friday. 19 years later Diane is a Dr of Audiology so we celebrated. I have a free open invite to Miami now. Woohoo! These 13 womens have been friends since the fall frat rush parties in 88. Met them at a frat party. FYI runnin round with 13 pretty women gets you invited to every frat party. We all live our own lives and most of them have chirrens so we dont see each other as much as we should but we do what we can.

I saved myself hundreds of dollars in car troubles too. I had a whistle on the right side and it was working my last T-cell. Spiffie was like oh on the radio someone called in and it was the brake caliper. OMG Brake caliper? wtf is that? Turns out that I got a hubcap that keeps comin loose. I kicked it and voila--no more whistle.

Amazon.com: Bosca Old Leather Weekend Wallet - Dark Brown 94-58: Apparel:
Bosca Old Leather Weekend Wallet - Black

I absolutely LOVE this wallet. I usually keep my paper money in my front pocket because I'm paranoid about my wallet getting picked and then having no cash on me. I typically just cram the few ID's and credit cards I keep inside of a very forgiving ATM card sleeve. I needed something that looked nice for a respectable adult male, was comfortable in my back pocket sitting at a desk all day, and that I could just whip my gym card out when I had my hands full. This was the perfect thing.

I keep my driver's license in the ID window, an ATM card and Credit card on the external slots, and the gym card (UT ID) in the internal "pocket" (the single currency gusset opening). You can't tell from the pictures on here but there's a slit between the frontside and the backside that will fit another card and some paper money if you like. It is only stiched on two sides so you can just slide out an internal card or money easily. This wallet is VERY low profile and you can carry it in your front pocket too and barely notice it there.

I think it would make a nice gift for someone, even if it's just for its named purpose, for the weekend. Going clubbing and have to whip out an ID all night but dont want a fat lump on your buns? This is the one.

I got it at Nordstrom's cuz I had a gift certificate but I think it was 50 bucks there. Haters.

I also got me a bottle of Lacoste Elegance. It's great. Kinda halfway between sporty and get-laid cologne.

We ostensibly went to the Mall to check out the Mac Air. Schweeeeeeet. Impractical but elegant. Unless you're on the go. Then it's a wet dream. I'd never use it as my primary but wow, on a plane or to meetings or to coffee? Va va voom.

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