Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

if a trannie meets a trannie comin through the rye

EgOiStETx: who was hotboinpanties
EgOiStETx: cuz i dont be knowin who that is and they asked me if i was at work
kaleb: [12:15:34] hotboinpanties, from 1 different IPs, is also: XXXuser, hotboinpanties
EgOiStETx: lulz
EgOiStETx: i asked him
EgOiStETx: and he said no
EgOiStETx: he was the only one i could think of
kaleb: lol
EgOiStETx: why you trippin
EgOiStETx: i already be knowin you do the panties
XXXuser: not in years
EgOiStETx: and you know you're the only one who'd ask me if i was at work today
XXXuser: i just had to smoke someone out last night
EgOiStETx: [12:15:34] hotboinpanties, from 1 different IPs, is also: XXXuser, hotboinpanties
XXXuser: and i forgot
XXXuser: now you got kaleb all up in my business
EgOiStETx: so why come you pretended when i asked
EgOiStETx: it's your fault for lyin to me
XXXuser: i know it
EgOiStETx: you should know better. i am as paranoid as you are lol
XXXuser: at least i deleted the profile b4 you got to it
Tags: chatlogs, shits n giggles

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