Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Gay chicken

Ok so I am probably behind the times on this and i'm not a youtube addict so excuse me. There's this phenomenon called "Gay Chicken". Seemingly straight boys kiss and the first who pulls away is the chicken.

Sure there is probably the occasional gay closet case egging them on. Personally I think there are a few things at work here. Gaying it up is one of the nuvo macho things to do. Ironic, but highlarious. Add to that the exhibitionism that is the crackbaby of youtube you gotta do something "scandalous" or different to get hits. Then you get the meme factor where other people have to copycat you or outdo you. And let's just not even get into that whole emo pseudo gay trendwhore thing. Plus there are just some men that frankly just dont care. I remember the first man tongue in my mouth was cuz it was a mixed party and the hostess was passing out jello shots and the rule to get the shots were you had to pass it with your tongue. I got a guy. I wasnt gaying it up at the time and found it odd but if you knew me when I was a drunk, i just shrugged and considered it free booze. The other guy just was comfy with everybody all hippie like. I just love that.

There's a Scrubs episode that has gay chicken with brendan fraser. I dont know if it played off youtube or vice versa. To me it seems like something off of Jackass.

So. This one was my favorite so far on the "Gay Chicken" youtube search. The very end was my favorite part. Is it not reversely ironic that instead of the kissing appealing to me, it was this "manly" part? lol. Oh well. Without all the pap psychology it's really just all basic good fun.

Tags: faggoty, youtoobz

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