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No homo.

After researching the etymology of Gay Chicken, I can only conclude a few things. Europeans (chiefly brits) are bigger, and more daring, in the gay chicken genre. Also, that it seems to originate at least for Americans with the Scrubs segment which can be found on youtube.

In my reseach, I learned of two more straight gayisms. The phenomenon known as No Homo, or Pause. NO HOMO is used when you say something that is gay or gay vague. "Yo homie, you lookin pimp in that outfit, No Homo". This allows one to honor or compliment a compatriot where props should be given, but express that there is no desire inherent in the comment.

Pause is used by someone else overhearing you making a gay or gay vague slip of the tongue, as in this spike lee video @:22

As for the No homo origins

Hip Hop Homophobia Grows
Several years ago, rapper Juelz Santana of New York's Dip Set crew coined the phrase no homo . The expression is meant to cancel out an inadvertently homosexual statement, as in: "I dis Jay-Z all the time. I'm on his ass–no homo."

Apparently the rapper Cam'ron has been accused by Nas for being homo cuz he likes to wear pink and gaudy clothing. Homo say what? I thought that was endemic. In a radio interview, Camron insists it's not homophobic. It's just a ...clarification...is what I gathered.

But as Jadakiss says "A real man shouldnt have to say No Homo"

And now for the lighter side of the research. The Evolution of "No Homo" (farce)


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