Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Super Tuesday Deux

Can't wait for today to be over. Interlopers from far and wide have steadily come into the austin gay.com rooms to tell us how to vote, how to vote, when to vote.

Rarely do they tell us WHY to vote. And it's mostly Hillaryous people. I guess they're afraid of Obama.  The gays have almost wholesale bought her empty promises.  And oh my god if I have to hear another one of her people call Obama a muslim or the N word I might eat carbs.

I always ask one simple question. What has Hillary done when they speak of "platitudes"?  They never say what she's done. Just what she says she'll do. Platitudes indeed. As far as I'm concerned, til they're in the hotseat, it's all platitudes.   She had a better chance of getting shit done when she could actually author legislation. SCHIP anyone?  Now all she can do is sign or veto and maybe get a flunkie to sponsor something for her right?

The world IS crazy though and I hope Obama will only take pause, but not hesitate, if military action is necessary.  You've got to be a seriously retarded tree-hugger to pretend that everybody follows your rules and you can always resort to diplomacy.

Frankly, I see Hillary as not much different from Mccain except she's already weathered Whitewater and Lewinsky and at least glad-hands the gays. Oh, and she's in a different Party.

As far as the gay thing goes...well the gays have never gotten anything what a court aint give us anyway.  Her supporters have already shown their cards on the Hate Crimes bill and sold out trannies. Now that's Hillary politics I am certain will be Xeroxed.

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