Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Ch ch changes

I finally got my glasses in. 4 pairs from zennioptical.com. They were some good quality, and some no better than the glasses you can get at the 7-11, but with prescriptions. These are my favorites right now.
zennioptical glasses burgundy

I also got these in clear creme and another in silver.

I liked them and they were like oh i dont know, 12.95 or so for the colored ones that I ordered 3 more pairs of different styles =]
They're all tinted of course. These red ones have a 50% pink tint, the creme ones got a 50% yellow tint, and the silver have just a 10% grey.

I ordered rimless ones with a purple tint and some of these just for a little blingy bling look in black and another in blue. Soon I'll have something for every outfit.  When I get these I'll have 14 pairs! (I already had about 7 pairs to begin with)

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