Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

A few odds and weekends

  • I got my brakes did on friday. They were squealing and I knew from last january when I had my checkup that they were gonna be coming up. 180.00 bucks at the dealership with labor and parts. After reading horror stories about Just Brakes on the intarwebs I figured better to be safe. And the dealership hadnt tried to cheat me the year before, so I had faith. It seemed like a reasonable charge.
  • This girl that I dont know came up to me saturday and asked for a cigarette. I smiled at her and said how refreshing it was to be asked for a cigarette instead of where to buy cocaine for once. Then she said "Oh, I havent done coke in 2 weeks." Apparently my message of "you fucking crackheads" was lost on her in the initial indictment. and NO I do not know where to buy cocaine!
  • Patty came around later and complained WHY do people always ask me where to buy coke? I was so happy to hear this and said so. He was like excuse me? I told him I thought it was just something about me that made people ask. I told him it was probably because the two of us look very interesting and stand out in a crowd. He was ok with that.
  • Had a nice lunch with pup. We rarely see each other outside of bars so it was nice. Again, I'm struck with the oddity that as a meat eater I have eaten at more veggie places than vegetarians. pup doesnt eat things with faces. Well, actually, see final comment.
  • Saw Darjeeling Limited. I love quirky little films like this. It didnt seem fake quirky like Little Miss Sunshine did.   Great colors too.  I also saw You Kill Me with Ben Kingsley and Tea Leone. More quirk. I think I just like films that don't follow predictable patterns.  Also if you like hot black gay mens, The DL Chronicles is worth a watch.
  • I have figured out that if you break up your post with bullet points you get less of that TL;DR apathy people can get.  TL;DR is lame 4chan speak for too long, didnt read.  It also makes it look like you do a whole lot even if the whole post is really about the same topic.
  • I have my own anti-fan club at the bars. First it was just the one guy. Saturday he brought his whole hit-squad all mocking me, and they purposely came to dance right in front of me. I refused to budge! I was ready to get my ass kicked! But no, they are fine with just mocking me.  I wish to tell the one that he should be concerned that his boyfriend pays that much attention to me.  I wish he'd just hit me so I can hit him back but I guess I should just shake the hate and not let them ruin my night. But it is SO hard. I expect this from straight people and not used to dealing with it from teh gays.
  • I did spring cleaning a little early I guess.  Well we did have the time change and all so technically I'm in the ballpark. I took a few year's worth of change out to Randall's and got a whopping $210.00 bucks or so minus the machine charge for counting and got 195 back.  I paid for my brakes in pennies! I love it when my expenses feel like Zero Sum.
  • Elysium on Sunday. More of the same Elysium thing. About as crowded as it usually is for a non holiday weekend. comfy crowded.  It's nice to be able to go anywhere and still see people I know and actually talk to people I normally just wave at in the gay bars.
  • Only because Corwin is so annoying, I decided to experiment with Twitter to see what all the raucous was about. It's mostly used for "microblogging".  I could see it used by journalist/techies to do "live-blogging" of events. Supposedly it was used for the cali fires to great success to update friends and relatives who were freaking out and couldnt get their SD people on the horn.  This other guy uses it to microblog via his phone but doesnt clutter up his LJ with random bits of desiderata. Kind of like a voice memo recorder that highly successful people do. "Personal note. Hot babe totally checked me out."  I'm feeding it into Facebook for potential reactions.  Also feeding LJ into facebook so facebookers can read me. Attention whore.
  • I'm completely happy with Cristian Siriano winning Project Runway. He's kind of lame in his emo trendwhore-ness personally, but his fashion sense was bold. I'd have loved to see Bear Chris at least make it to Fashion Week for the reals. I think he'll be a commercial success regardless.  Same for Jillian. Her shit is often just Wow. Rami Noodles' color sense seems to be as drab as a gay Falastini's existence.  It's like he was at the Olive bar at whole foods and was inspired. Just gross. But the weaving was fabulous.
  • pup is still a whore and his story practically writes itself. Need I say more?
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