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Barack Obama Criticizes Use of Gay Marriage as a Wedge Issue - Towleroad, More gay news for more gay men

Barack Obama Criticizes Use of Gay Marriage as a Wedge Issue

Speaking to a crowd in Medford, Oregon last week, Barack Obama criticized the use of gay marriage as a wedge issue that distracts from the more important issues at hand.

Personally I dont really care about gay marriage. Why should I? I'm perpetually single. Can you imagine, though, if he told the rest of "Christian" America, that their ability to create families was unimportant? The war on terror, saving the planet, pulling our loved ones out of Iraq, the economy, all that "political" stuff is about making a better and safer world for home and hearth and loved ones.

If you say you dont vote with your genitals, and gay is the least interesting part about you, trust me when I say that heterosexuality isnt the least interesting part of a heterosexual's existence in that same discrediting way. It's so common, so ingrained, so endemic to life, people just never even think about it. Laws are written just for the people who put their genitals in the right places.

Property taxes fund their kids' educations. Family leave laws are written realistically for moms (and dads by proxy) to take time off to create families, throwing their sexuality in my face. TV is full of heterosexuals throwing their sexuality in my face. They can walk down the sidewalk holding hands and nobody bats an eyelash, throwing their sexuality in my face. Oh I could go on and on.

Home is where the heart is. It's no different for some gays, the gays who want to be traditional and raise families and have picket fences. Everything else in the world is secondary. When Mr. Smith goes to work in the morning to put bread on his table, his primary concern is not global warming or Iraq, Mister Obama. It's all about his loved ones, and if he doesnt have loved ones, he probably has hope that one day he will.

That the Clintons have fucked over the gays on DOMA, ENDA, or DADT can be debatable. That they would be so stupid as to imply that gays are being petty? Probably not on their worst day EVAR.
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