Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

rick roll rofl

Another fine message from felipe (EgOiStE):
how to pull off a rick roll in real life
Austin Party-Time: 01:01 PM CDT on Thu, Mar 27

#664:C0) Paddy says, "rickroll?"

#664:C0) Paddy says, "sounds like a gay sex act i want nothing to do with"

#69:C0) ED-209 says, "it was a meme that went around about a year ago (maybe less?) where you trick someone on clicking a link that took you to a really obnoxious webpage of that guy singing "

#712:C0) obamanation says, " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rickroll#.22Rickroll.22_Internet_meme "

#14:C0) josh says, "rick astley songs are a bit ghey"

#69:C0) ED-209 says, "a bit?"

#11:C0) stephen says, "I always loved that song."

#11:C0) stephen says, "never gonna tell a lie "

#664:C0) Paddy says, "ah"

#664:C0) Paddy says, "i need to get out less, obviously"

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