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  • I have an anti-fan. This guy mocks the way I dance. Now he's taken to wearing disco glasses out. The loser has no clue my glasses (all 14 pairs) are prescription.  I wonder when he'll tire of it. I wonder if he wants me. Grown ups really shouldnt be this dedicated.

  • I dragged spiffie to a secret restaurant to try on Saturday. Mi Colombia/Casa Colombia on east 7th. OMG OMG great food. It's quite cuban-esque in its offerings but way mo bettah than Calle Seis/Havana.  And, while not mexican empanadas cuz they're not fruit, their empanadas were teh best tasting empanadas of the non mexican kind I've ever had in mi vida loca.   I dont like the boiled yucca stuff at Havana, but in the botana sampler we got, the fried yuca was the bomb.  Gringos may not like the chicharrones in it much maybe. The chorizo was really good too.  spiff's ropa vieja was muy yum. i had stuffed breasts. it was ok. i dont really like white meat but i wanted something diff.

  • Taytay came out saturday so I didnt mingle much. She hadda go pee and had to rip off her duct tape so half the night we spent laughing at her pull down her miniskirt, yank up her panties, and adjust her frank and beans cuz they were slidin around in her pantyhose. DROOOONK.  We kept her sittin way out back by the ladies room in the bar chairs out of people's way.

  • I got a lovely new dashiki. This brother walks up to me all Lebron James-esque and puffs up. He tugs on the sleeve and gives me a menacing look.   I peek at him over the edge of my purple-tinted glasses and wait for him to say something. After a 10 second stare off, his demeanor still menacing and mine placid, he shakes his head and gives me daps and walks off.  I guess dashikis are the last thing that white america has not appropriated from the blacks.  Heck. Even the blacks havent. Oh wait. The hippies did the dashikis in the 60s. My bad.

  • btw, Giselle Bundchen is from Brasil. OK so she's pale-esque but ...it's brasil. You'd be hard-pressed not to find african blood in her (6th Generation Brasil). She's one of the few women who I can remember at first sight. Frederick's runway show on tv in a blue bra-panty set with wings. HUBBA HUBBA! So about the Vogue king kong cover, I'm just saying....

  • I was contemplating buying them Crocs. I think they are the ugliest shoe on the planet but supposedly they are comfy and are antimicrobial antifungals and my feet sweat a lot so I was thinking maybe they wouldnt be as smelly by the time I get to yoga.  I dont think I can do it. Also, there are people who feel the same at ihatecrocs.com
I watched Paul Mooney: Jesus was Black, So was Cleopatra, Know your History. It was a riot. He said the Nword every 10 seconds and wasn't ashamed of it. He said the "others" have asked him to please stop that but as of that taping he didnt care, saying nobody spoke up when PC wasnt in and everybody else was callin him that, so basically, Fuck em. If you dont mind racial humor and the Nword, watch it on showtime. Schedule


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