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My heart goes bang bang bang bang

*sigh* I know when you see pics of Beckham on the blogs he's all superstar with the dolce and gabana huge face goggles and the paparazzi are all chasing him and he just looks, I dunno, well you know how the media makes them look. Like rich assholes basically. But everytime he's on a show or does an interview I listen to him and his mousy little voice and he's like a little boy and he's always so humble and he has a great sense of humor and you can see why he loves Victoria [cuz she's a crazy bitch] because he doesnt take himself or her seriously and loves a laugh. Now I know Ben Cohen is my hubbba hubba daddy bear footballer fave, but gosh gosh gosh Beckham not only makes me swoon but he makes my breath catch in my throat and my heart stop. OK, enough gushing.

Jay Leno Checks Out David Beckham's Hottest Look - Towleroad, More gay news for more gay men

David Beckham's Armani underwear ad got Jay Leno all hot and bothered on The Tonight Show last night. Leno, if you missed our earlier post, yesterday apologized for his "gayest look" remarks to Ryan Phillippe.
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