Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Snoop is on the skunkweed?

This interview is bound to become a classic. Is Snoop's agreement with Obama's pastor more inline with most of Black America (and brown?). When I saw Obama's preacher on the youtubes I was like "what? what part of that was wrong?" lulz

Emma Forrest talks to Rapper Snoop Dogg | Media | The Guardian

he comes to life when I raise the subject of Barack Obama's recent speech on race.

"What did he say?" he asks, raising an eyebrow to himself, flirting with his own angular lines.

"Well, he's having to disassociate himself from his pastor, who was criticised for saying, essentially, that America is built on racism."

"It is!" he screeches at the mirror.

Read the rest of the interview
Tags: politics, shits n giggles

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