Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

worst netflix evAR

  • Magus-sucks worse than the worst Sci Fi channel movie. It has boobage in one scene though. Not redeeming enough even for the horniest of heteronormatives. I figured maybe the reviewers were just overly-nerdish radicals. They were spot on. Haet!

  • Soul Maid-I expect gay films to have a good deal of suckage but this one had a woman whose vagina had superpowers that sprayed out and made men straight. That's kind of funny but the rest of the movie just didnt help hold up to the premise. Just awful.

  • I love me some awful films though. These werent them. It was no District B13.

  • I'm watching Wristcuttters: A love Story right now. It's definitely more interesting. It's an afterlife where suicides go. Everybody's going nowhere. Nobody CAN smile. There are no stars in the sky. It's kind of like a road trip movie for emos. Quirky enough for me to like it so far. The Melatonin knocked me out so I didnt finish.

Tags: movies, netflix

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