Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
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making a splash

  • I suppose I am sufficiently over the death of a friend. hadnt had a close one pass away since oh, 1993. At my age, surely more will come.

  • I was attacked again by volumina out on friday. By attacked I mean he walked up with a smart determined look. I bypassed her since it was almost closing time anyway. He grabbed me by the arm so I whirled around and gave him a solid shove and said I didnt want to speak to him and I walked out as he teetered precariously. He's mad cuz he made a fatal mistake and asked me if he was fat. Of course I said yes. Now he's on gay.com telling people I have AIDS and am walking death and i'm a short fat ugly runt. I have refused to respond. I did say on saturday that I was trying to be the bigger man but it was difficult to do that considering his waistline. I'm thinking next time I should just beat his ass. I'd have the right of way if he grabs me, right?

  • Saturday night out was outrageous crowded for Splash. Lots of hot out of towners. It was nipple to nipple. ScrappyDoo dragged Trididos over to say hi. I was about to whisper to Scrappy that Trididos doesnt like me when Trididos put his arm around me and embraced me. I was not prepared for anything beyond maybe a polite hello. Not only did he hug me, but it was a lingering hug. He's defriended me on every service and told Kip that I was not his friend so I dont think it's my imagination. Tired of my vitriolic bullshit I guess. Didnt care to ask. Why bother? I WAS tempted to ask him what the fuck are you doing, toots? Considering my Friday I figured I'd leave well enough alone. Mayhaps he likes me well enough in public but just doesnt consider me a friend. Maybe he just drinks.Sidekick PBX just stood there pissy as usual and didnt even pretend. God bless consistency.

  • Too cold for the lake for first first splash so I didnt bother. Had lunch with spiffie and I only ever eat at Pecan Street fest so didnt bother. Was supposed to go to a first communion saturday and didnt bother. I think I have classic symptoms of depression but really I think I'm just lazy and would rather just stay home and read. Plus spiffie drags me shopping all the time despite my protests

  • Did I mention I was beautifully gothic on saturday? It's fun to be both sexy and look like I could kill at the same time. Who else can have a buzz cut head but still sport white hair but me?

  • 2nd IRS refund is in. I should pay off credit but the idea of having cash on hand feels so nice.
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