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It's an institution you can disparage.

The NYT did a Good Housekeeping Married Gays article that was more stepford than it was real. This is Gaywired's response.
gay marriage
The 'Real' New Gay Marriage:
Most of the couples profiled obviously live in a bubble of naiveté—the idea that love is all that matters is uttered more than once—and each of them seem dead set on making theirs the perfect marriage… as if failure is not an option.
Logically speaking, with marriage comes divorce—a certain number of these relationships are not going to last, as evidenced by the couple of divorcees the author manages to scrounge up—and while I know it’s defeatist to head into marriage with the assumption that it might all one day fall apart, I can’t help but wonder if in the fight for marriage equality, we feel compelled to prove the cynics wrong by playing up perfection.
For a better representation of a gay wedding, try watching Brothers & Sisters, where the subject of gay marriage was brought up because one half of the Scotty/Kevin power couple doesn’t have health insurance. Those are real issues facing gay couples—not which argyle sweater goes best with the patio furniture.

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