Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

it's a family affair

  • Jesse deploys back to Iraq for 15 months. He deploys on Father's day. Father's day will likely be spent in Killeen. He's being transferred when he returns so his family will move back to mom's for the duration

  • Patricia's still wild. After 2 divorces, she is considering letting loose her current man of 5 years because the animal kingdom is not mean to be monogamous. He works for an airline so her only problem is evidently the loss of free flights.

  • Steve is still on the wagon. He's even got Jesus up in him now, although he's not vocal about it. Nobody brings up his nervous alcoholic breakdown although Patricia (who went to rescue him) made allusions to it. He works for Southwest airlines and gave me a buddy pass. Where will I go?

  • Michael was out on a boat working. He goes out for a month at a time. Praise God. Here's the interesting thing. He was charged with terroristic threats when he was younger. Boat workers, industrial workers, hazardous chemical workers apparently all have to have some ID card now and I forget what it's called. It's for anti-terrorism. When he got out of jail he went back to his job and they said oh sure if you can get your non-Jihad card. The gubmint said no cuz he was a terrorist on paper. He got the charge for threatenin to kill someone whose gold chain he ripped off their neck. He appealed and got it. His employers were shocked and told him they only said he could get the job back because NOBODY EVER gets them. Apparently all them kinds of workers have felonies and cant get them. Normally what Michael did is a felony, or at least it is now, but his charge was classified as a misdemeanor. Sometimes bureaucracy wins. Dad says when you pull all them guys out of Iraq, because of this card, none of them are going to be able to find work, cuz a shitload of the military won't qualify, and we're gonna have another "Viet Nam" with homeless vets with no place to go.

  • Mom has begun to quit smoking. Always with the bronchitis and pneumonia. The nail in the coffin was her Dr told her she'd have to carry an oxygen tank if she didnt stop. Normally that probably wouldnt stop her but she says she cant work if she has to carry an O2 tank. She has to work to get rid of a huge "gambling" debt from when she went crazy with the lotto.

  • Dad is still the craziest of us all. He's changed so much over the years, hitting 60. His position is that you cant coddle (or overtly love) your children because they are yours and you have to raise them right, with character and strength, and to do that you can't be all precious with them. His grandkids, however, he has no such obligations, so he can be as thoughtful and loving with them as he never was with us. For us, love meant discipline and work and providing. Blue collar ethics. He spent half the weekend lamenting "oh my god I've lost my baby. he's gone" because Javi is now going out on dates and is driving his own car

  • Javi is the eldest grandchild. He got a caddy from his dad. The ghetto thing to do, apparently, is to put your car in big fancy script along the side. Javi's says Cadillac. He got one side taken off and I told him he had to get the other one removed because everybody would know everywhere he went in that town if he didnt, a point proven when my mom asked him why he didnt stop when he rolled by the house the day before. I saw another car with Oldsmobile in script. OLDSMOBILE!!!

  • Mom said they require you to show social security card (in addition to texas driver's license) down to Houston if you get pulled over now. They're trying to drag illegal ass back to Mexico I guess. I told her I was aware of no such law and that that was illegal and that I'd probably be dragged to jail for refusing if that happened to me. Can they do that?
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